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Lasers Made Simple Membership

Lasers Made Simple is a monthly community membership that I’ve created to help you run a profitable laser business. If you’re anything like I was when I got started, you have a ton of questions and have run into a lot of problems. Does this sound familiar? 

  •  What size, wattage, and brand of machine is right for my business? 
  • How should I price my products to value my work and time while making great profits? 
  •  I’m working with a new material. What settings and techniques will help me produce outstanding final products? 
  •  This material has always engraved well before but something isn’t working! Is something wrong with my machine and how can I fix it? 
  • It’s my first time engraving a glass mug – what should I know to have it come out perfectly? 
  •  My customer needs an outdoor sign. What adhesive should I use? 

 This is just a small list of all of the questions I’ve had throughout my journey. Have you had at least one of these questions? Then this community is for you!

  • Who is the membership for?
    The Lasers Made Simple membership is meant for anyone who is trying to run a successful and profitable laser business. From those of you that rent time on lasers to people who have full production shops, this community will have something for all of you. Although I use Epilog Laser machinery, and there will be some additional benefits to other Epilog owners, the content is structured to apply to all laser brands.
  • Why should you join?
    My goal is to help you be successful and make laser knowledge more accessible to everyone. I’ve spent the last 9+ years learning, experimenting, and networking to learn as much as I can to share with you. Our growing community will be able to share experience and techniques that can help you avoid costly mistakes. Like you, I am thoughtful about every penny I spend on my business and I will strive to make sure that you get a great return on your investment. Through the group meetups and content I share, I want to help you learn to shape your ideas into amazing products that you can sell to customers.

    As a member, you will be able to not only learn from the content, but also influence the type of content that is released. Each month I will be asking for feedback on what you would like to learn, what types of content should be prioritized, and what will be most valuable for you to continue being a member. This isn’t just a pre-made cookie-cutter content structure. This is a member-driven community built to ensure that you learn what you need to build a successful laser business.
  • What kind of downloads/templates can we expect?
    The downloadable files include product templates to mock-up designs, design files for creating products, vendor lists, laser settings I use, guides, and much more. The best part is that all of our downloadable files can be used commercially.
  • Are Group Lives Recorded?
    Yes, all of the group lives are recorded and can be viewed at any time.
  • Who is Behind Lasers Made Simple?
    For those that don’t know me, my name is Trevor and I operate Maker Experiment, a laser-based business focusing on custom signage and content creation. I’ve been using laser machinery since 2013 and have spent years using Google, online videos, and my network of contacts to navigate my way through the laser world. It is that journey that has inspired me to create the Lasers Made Simple community.

    What interests me the most is connecting with my community members and social media subscribers. Lasers are my passion and I love talking with others about design, creating projects, and everything that goes with owning a laser business. I’ve been fortunate to present at conferences like Workbench Con and the APA Expo on laser-related topics and meet new people that have become great colleagues and friends. This journey has enabled me to create a partnership with Epilog Laser to help make laser knowledge more readily available to everyone.
Examples of What You Can Expect

I've created many laser tutorials to help others learn how to make products from start to finish. Below is an example directly from the membership that will give you an understanding of my style and the types of videos I will be creating exclusively for this membership.

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Celeste Marchan
Anchored Sail

Trevor is genuine, friendly, patient, and detail oriented. Whether it’s a laser business or a hobby, Trevor truly wants you to succeed.

Sarah Smith
Granite Station Laser

I can’t say enough good things about Trevor. He knows lasers inside and out as well as Adobe Illustrator. Being fairly new to lasering, I’ve often found myself in a pickle trying to get an order out. I’ve been able to easily find the answers I needed to complete the job either from Trevor himself, his YouTube Channel or his Lasers Made Simple membership group. I highly recommend Trevor for all your lasering needs!